Hudson Valley

A Tourist at Home: The Norman Rockwell Museum

April 16, 2015

A Tourist at Home: The Norman Rockwell Museum - Sweet and Savoring [photo by Andy Milford]

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the Hudson Valley is a culturally rich region to live in. We have historic mansions, a thriving arts scene, and a local food movement that shows no sign of stopping. Everywhere you turn, there’s another piece of history in the form of a castle-cum-hotel or an old trestle refurbished and open to the public

The cultural appeal doesn’t stop once you head further east. Just over the Massachusetts border is the Berkshires town of Stockbridge, where beloved artist Norman Rockwell spent much of his life. We visited the Norman Rockwell Museum last week (my second time, Andy’s first) and seeing his paintings and illustrations up close was such a treat.  Continue Reading…

Mental Health, Travel

Struggling with Mental Health on the Road

April 15, 2015

Struggling with Mental Health on the Road - Sweet and Savoring

It seems like mental health and travel is a topic that interests a lot of you. My stats tell me that various configurations of the phrase ‘depressed while traveling’ been used dozens of times to reach Sweet and Savoring. When I try to look at it out of context, depression while traveling seems like such an odd thing to write about. But it’s my story, right? And as it turns out, a lot of people travel despite their depression, or get depressed while they’re on the road, or just feel lonely when disconnected from their loved ones. And that’s completely fine!  Continue Reading…