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7 Tips for Meeting with a New Therapist

January 29, 2015

7 Tips for Meeting with a New Therapist - Sweet and Savoring

Meeting with a new therapist for the first time is a lot like what I imagine a blind date to be: you’re nervous about meeting someone new, have no idea what to expect, and hope that by the end of it, you’ve made some kind of connection and want to see each other again.

I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to therapists. My first one was when I was sixteen and I just started seeing my current one in December. In between, there were about ten others, if I’m recalling correctly. I thought I’d share some of the therapy-related wisdom that I’ve gained over the last seventeen years. Continue Reading…

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Frozen Kaaterskill Falls

January 25, 2015

Frozen Kaaterskill Falls - Sweet and Savoring [photo by Andy Milford]

I hope you guys are snuggled up under a blanket while you’re reading this, because these photos might make you feel a bit chilly. Kaaterskill Falls is a popular summertime hiking and swimming spot in the Catskills, a relatively short drive across the Hudson River from us. Rarely do we seek waterfalls in the winter, which is why I’m so drawn to Andy’s images of the falls here, completely frozen over.  Continue Reading…


Friday Gratitude: Optimism

January 23, 2015

Friday Gratitude: Optimism - Sweet and Savoring


noun \ˈäp-tə-ˌmi-zəm\

: a feeling or belief that good things will happen in the future : a feeling or belief that what you hope for will happen

Things are looking up, my friends! I’m so pleased with the new layout and love hearing all the positive feedback from you guys. Let’s jump right into the first Friday Gratitude in a loooong time.

Today, I’m grateful for… Continue Reading…